A new concept of hybrid molecular imaging in cancer using simultaneous PET and 13C-hyperpolarized MRSI


Front page from the Danish magazine Dagens Medicin featuring the first hyperPET/MR of a dog with a spontaneous tumor. The image shows preparations done by veterinarian, radiographer and Laboratory technologist before the scan.


For practice of personalized medicine and tailoring cancer therapy, non-invasive tools for diagnosing at the molecular level are increasing needed. With molecular imaging such tissue characterization is possible without invasive sampling.


The project, which is supported by a grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research - Medical Sciences, is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between research groups withe expertise within molecular imaging, molecular biology, experimental- and clinical oncology, chemistry, radiochemistry and imaging processing. The partners are located at Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, GE Healthcare Denmark A/S and Curasight ApS.




Validation of results using imunnohistochemistry.